Saturday, 6 March 2010

Taking steps...

On Thursday Mark Watson (TYSIC Inventor and director) asked us to make some sort of advance towards our individual goals. Whilst I do expect to only act when Mark tells me to...I have for my own reasons as well under instruction been making my way towards achieving my goals.

I have spent the last two days in the library, working on my dissertation which I plan to have finished in draft form by the end of this week. I’m not going to talk about this much; it is boring enough for me let alone for those who, undoubtedly, have little interest in a task which most undergraduates undertake. If this blog had started a few months ago the number of posts dedicated to frustration over a dissertation may deter the few people reading this to ever come back.

I also found myself adopting a few solid positions on current affairs this week. They were about the news of Jon Venables return to prison, and since it is such an emotive case I have no plans to express my views on here. Each is entitled to an opinion and may draw it for many reasons. I am not here to preach and the important thing here is that I got off the fence; I will leave it at that.

Finally, tomorrow I am attending a wedding fayre. Not because I am getting married, but so I can hopefully network and arrange some sort of work experience in the wedding industry. My goal to become a wedding planner is not based on a desire to have a wedding and get married. I love to organise and I am good at it, what better event to organise than the happiest day of someone’s life (I am aware that not all marriages work out, but I think practically all couples are happy on their wedding day and if their marriage ends in divorce...well I got paid already).

So there we first steps towards my TYSIC, i think you'll agree im doing ok. Please have a look at some fellow TYSICers in the blogs that I follow so far everyone has very unique aspirations and I look forward to seeing how you are all getting on.


  1. congrats on the fence-leaving! and that's a pretty two-sided issue to have an opinion on.

  2. Awesome, these are real steps in goal advancement! You are clearly getting onto the challenge Mark set!