Thursday, 4 March 2010

Closing my mind

Yesterday I talked about why I was embarking on the TYSIC, today I will reveal my goals. There is not supposed to be an element of drama about it although it would seem many think this is a dramatic decision. There are some goals I have for the next ten years that I think will be common to many…pass my degree, get married, buy a house and have children. At least two of them require another party and thus do not entail ‘self’ improvement – not that they wouldn’t have a profound affect on my character. Updating you on these regularly could get fairly boring…still writing essays, not engaged today, living in a rented house, not pregnant. I will let you know if any of this does change.

I have been giving a lot of thought to the ‘self improvement’ aspect of this challenge. I am not so concerned with the ten-years part although thinking about it is a long time. Mark Watson, creator of the TYSIC, has set ‘becoming more optimistic’ as his main goal, this is something I think he has chosen based on his reflection of his twenties as I am embarking on my twenties I am taking this opportunity to think of the person I want to become by the time I am 31.

1. My studies of philosophy and politics have caused me to have an all too good an ability to look at both sides of an argument. Whilst of course a good trait I often find myself unable to make up my mind and commit to one side of the debate. Hearing, and then listening, to everyone’s opinions on all matters great and small is a useful tool but my all to common position on the proverbial fence is getting uncomfortable and it seems time to start finding out what I believe and identifying my values. Having struggled to identify this aspect of my personality naming it in terms of a challenge is even harder. ‘Becoming close minded’ is a very negative goal to have and I like to think I am far more optimistic about the world than to think anyone ever needs to strive to achieve this. I will have a think about naming this challenge and come back to you…suggestions welcome!

Some other things I hope to achieve:

2. Become a Wedding Planner

3. Open closed minds

4. Learn another language

5. Enter politics

I plan to expand on these in subsequent entries or this could be a long post. For the others that are embarking on TYSIC ‘Happy March 4th, if you like the idea of this…do it, it’s never too late to make a change!

I plan to cover other things going on in my life here as well…so if you are naturally nosey (like me) then your needs will be satisfied as well.


  1. i love your first one particularly. i studied philosophy, and ended up open-minded and unmuddied in thought, but with the basic position of ignorance on may topics. a good kind of ignorance, but ignorance the same. politics especially, actually...

    i'm gonna blog about my TYSIC soon, and i'm trying to get a list of other TYSIC blogs to appear on my page. i'll put yours on that, if thats cool.

  2. I'm liking your aims! Especially the other language one. For someone such as myself who is an absolute duffer outside of English it is a skill I envy.

    Happy March 4th!

  3. Loving it!

    March 4th...future Bank Holiday!?

    Good luck in your TYSIC!

    Blogging my own at

    Starting to think that this may become a small phenomenon!?