Friday, 19 March 2010

An overdue update

It’s been a while, sorry. My time has been full of dissertation work recently and finding an excuse to type this instead of that is fairly tricky! But I have been getting on with my TYSIC like a good girl the whole time. In the last post I mentioned going to a wedding fayre in order to network for my future plans of becoming a wedding planner.

Well I went to the fayre and there were no wedding planners to be seen. There are several ways of interpreting this. One, there is no demand for wedding planners in the midlands (I’m not going to dwell on this, it might be painfully optimistic or stupid to ignore it however I will not be falling at the first hurdle). Two, wedding planners do not like going to wedding fayres/ were not invited to this fayre, since it was at a venue where they are likely to have a whole team of events organisers who do not want independent people stepping on their toes (I hate corporatism). Three, the midlands needs one (this is my favourite and I will go with this).

So with a renewed sense that this was what I wanted to do I got hardcore about by market research. I will not bore you with the details but I put all my knowledge acquired through business studies to the test and since I have browsed hundreds of websites. I have also completed a business plan, designed business cards, and put together some ideas for a website. I have absolutely no knowledge of web design so if your reading this and do then please… help!

I think I am moving along nicely in this challenge and I am genuinely excited to really get started with this once my degree is out of the way. In other TYSIC news, I haven’t had much opportunity to continue towards my ‘getting off the fence’ challenge. I have been staring at computer screens a lot in the last two weeks and current affairs have kind of fallen out of my psyche.

However, with a general election imminent I am going to make serious attempts to solidify my political views in readiness for my first national vote! I’m very excited by that prospect, although I am sure I am in the minority since recent conversations have displayed the over whelming failure of the education system in getting young people excited about politics. I am yet to find a close friend who knows who she or he will be voting for in the general election, in fact I am yet to find a friend who plans to vote! This is quite disturbing for me and if I can convince at least one of them that their vote can make a change then my TYSIC will not have been for nothing!

Hope all those other TYSICers are getting on well and I hope to maybe cross paths with one or two in the forthcoming Ipod mobilisation mission!


  1. I was so excited when I turned 18 and could vote. My parents weren't at all interested in politics, so I don't know where I got it from, but the year there was an electoral roll mix-up and I couldn't vote I was gutted!

    Out of the big three, Nick Clegg is the only person who doesn't seem to be lying, but then I wondered if that's only because he doesn't think he has a real chance of being elected. Power corrupts, as they say.

    Well done of the wedding planner research - it sounds like you've been really busy. And good luck on making a voting decision! :-)

    Cheerio! Amy. xxx

  2. sounds like your making great progress with your wedding planner TYSIC! congrats. as for getting off the the fence, if you could convince an apathetic person to care about their vote, thats GREAT. (my first vote was actually on my 18th birthday-- i couldn't help being excited)

    the annoying thing about political parties are their leaders. there still are fundamental differences between labour and conservative (state responsibility vs individual responsibility, eg) but you're still voting between two or three untrustworthy people. don't forget the greens though!

  3. Good luck with the wedding plan!

    On the voting front, I do not have a clue who to vote for!! The day I vote conservative is the day michael jackson moonwalks back from the dead this is mainly due to thatcherism but after looking at their recent proposals it seems like its just the same tactics just more subtle. On the other hand labour haven't done themselves any favours either, I dont blame the credit crunch on them but they really need to rethink benefits etc. It's probably going to be the worst turn out in a very long time.