Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My first ever blog post

A predicatable title for my first ever blog post, but accurate nonetheless. Hello to all those reading, some of you may know me (i probably directed you here in an attempt to validate my decision to start this) some of you may have stumbled across this (im not sure if that is even possible, i am very new to blogging) and some of you may be fellow TYSICers! So however you have got here a warm welcome! The reasons i have wanted to start writing this are many, but my decision to actually do it is due to the TYSIC (ten year self improvement challenge) set by comedian Mark Watson who recently vowed to write a blog for the next ten years (see his website for the details). His talk of what he will be like in ten years got me thinking about what i will be like in ten years, where i will live, what i will do, how i will feel...and what better way to chronicle this journey than by taking advantage of this 21st century diary. The premise of the TYSIC is simple, identify goal(s) you would like to acheive within the next ten years. Some are more simple than others and the 25000 responses Mark claims to have received (more like 200) include almost everything you could think of wanting to do in your life as well as those that you hope never to acheive - nout so strange as folk! I will be posting my goals tomorrow (4th March 2010) the official start date of the TYSIC although you can of course join at any time before 04/03/2020. For now a little about me...a 21 year Philosophy and Politics student in my 3rd year at the University of Liverpool. I live in the city with my boyfriend of 5 years who i love very much...and sometimes want to kill! I grew up in Cambridgeshire and then moved to Staffordshire at 13 due to my fathers job. My parents have been happily (well i assume) married for nearly 30 years and they are my role models, admittedly for different reasons but equally as important. I have one younger sister, she is 19 and a student of Human Biology at Loughborough Uni, i love her very much too....mainly for her jewellry collection though! I have never done anything like this before, i have never even kept a diary but i like a challenge and feel as my education draws to a close it is time to keep my brain active and take a new perspective on life. So welcome to my world...hope you enjoy it here!


  1. hey hey becky!

    i came here via Mark Watson's blog. i'll be following your TYSIC with interest, i've also just started my first blog for the same reason! it's here:

    good luck for the next decade.


  2. Hey there.

    Look forward to seeing your goals when they are posted.

    Ten years completion here we come! Good luck with sticking to it.


  3. Best of luck, Becky! I'll definitely be back.

    Here's my TYSIC: